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Every t-shirt is printed as soon as it is ordered. Well, within a day or 2, depending on how busy the printing machine is. We ship everything the same way - standard shipping, from Australia in a jiffy bag, which can take anything from 2 days to ship to Australia, to up to 4 weeks to ship to a tiny little village in Norway. If you don't have your t-shirt in a month drop me a line and i'll see what's going on. We try and keep all the prices to a minimum so we don't ship airmail and we don't offer tracking numbers, but if that's what you want let me know I can send you an invoice for the extra shipping that you can track and will it get to you super quick.

If you are not happy with the design or the fit I am really sorry. I can't offer refunds though. Like I said just up there - everything is printed on demand - it's not like I can just put the t-shirt back on the shelf and someone else will pick it up. We don't have an actual shop and this t-shirt lark is just a hobby. We have never had a shirt returned because someone didn't like the fit, or the style or even the design. 

TLDR. No refunds. Sorry.